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I offer body rubs as well as companionship and fun for the discreet gentleman who values service and beauty. I offer full companionship and escort services and am comfortable in a business or casual environment, in and out of the bedroom. I am fetish friendly (to a degree) and consider myself to be very orally fixated. I am easily stimulated, multi-orgasmic, and love to play with toys! I am known as a sweet heart who really enjoys the fun that comes with being a provider of adult services. Below is a list of services I offer. If there is an acronym you don't know, you can look it up on The Urban Dictionary.
Companionship Services include:


Prostrate massage
Multiple positions
Toy play
Ass worship
Ball Play

All this and more is provided when you book your companionship hour or longer with me, and it’s all provided by a woman who knows what to do to turn you on. I am known for my honesty and willingness to make sure every moment spent with me is safe, discreet, fun and exciting! I have been providing companionship and body rub services for almost six years now and unlike many other providers out there, I have built a solid reputation over the years as a provider who only wants to please you.
But what I have been known for most is my EXCLUSIVE KISSING MASSAGE!
So what is a Kissing Massage?
This AMAZINGLY SENSUAL body rub was something I started offering to my clients in 2013. The idea actually came from a client one evening in Nov. 2012. I can't say what turned me on about him, but for whatever reason, I was compelled to start kissing on him about half way through the massage. His reaction to my lips was extremely positive, and I decided to try it out on some other guys. This past year I have listened to comments, read reviews, and I believe I have perfected what has now become quite popular with men across the IE and Orange county and for the past two years in Las Vegas!

When you come by for a kissing massage, you will notice how much thought has gone into making your time with me as comfortable and relaxing as possible. I have recently noticed ads by providers who are offering the same style of service I have been providing for five years. Some of the things I've always offered my clients include:
A safe and discreet service
Hot stones (VERY RELAXING!)
Mens hygiene supplies
Clean Towels
Massage music with subliminal messaging for male enjoyment

When you book an hour massage, I start you off by getting the sexual tension you are feeling taken care of right away. Starting on the bed, I help you release the stress and tension you have with a fabulous HAPPY BEGINNING (same thing as a happy ending, just at the start of the hour instead of the end). Once that first round of stress is released, I clean you up then direct you to the massage table.

As lay down on the bed, I begin by rubbing your back down with a light oil (unscented of course) and feel all over to see what areas are obviously needing attention. I begin the warm up and ask about the areas that seem to give you the most troubles. I bring a warm stone to your skin and you immediately feel your body relax. The knots start to loosen up as the heat releases the stiffness and muscle tightness throughout your back. Once I have gotten the knots relaxed, my hands begin to massage and help circulate the blood that has left you so tight.

There you are, nice and comfortable, enjoying the feel of my body as I rub it against you, when you suddenly feel my lips on your neck.
Softly, like butterfly wings, my lips start to take over what my hands were doing. As I shift lower down your back you feel a delicate touch to your inner thigh that ever so lightly traces over your balls, across your ass and brings moisture to the back of your legs. My lips continue to find sweet spots that bring chills to your skin. You lay there, growing, while my lips tease and tickle sensitive areas. When a significant amount of pleasurable torture has happened, I finally ask if you are ready for me to help you release the rest of the tension and stress you have.
I ask you to roll over and move back over to the edge of the bed.
Once situated, I begin by drizzling a flavored lube on your already stiff member. I slowly begin by licking your balls. My tongue slowly glides up one side of you, swirling for a second around the top, then traveling down the other side. You feel the heat from the lube as I breath on you. I repeat this several times before I envelope you in my mouth. You look at me, unable to trust what you are feeling, and see me swallowing you all the way, deep to the back of my throat. You hold out for as long as you can. Then my tongue slides over a part of your throbbing manhood that sends chills down your spine. As you feel the urge to release one more time, you look down and see my blue eyes looking up at you. One longer look into my eyes and you explode that warm sweetness all over my face and chest.

Now being offered:  When you come over for the hour kissing massage, you'll get a happy beginning as well as an Amazing happy ending! Two pops in one hour! Can you handle it?
Quit sitting there just reading about it and make an appointment to see me today!
You can book online, or give me a call.

*bbfs services

Allowed under specific guidelines. Please contact me as to what those are. I reserve the right to refuse to offer you this service if I feel it wont be safe to proceed. I am tested monthly and am very clean. I expect you to be as well!


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  • Located In:

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Visiting / Local:


  • Service Type:

    Escort and Body Rubs

  • Incall:


  • Outcall:


Physical Attributes

  • Body Type:


  • Age:


  • Ethnicity:

    Native American

  • Features:


  • Gender:


  • Height:

    5 ft. 4 in.

  • Weight:

    190 lbs.

  • Hair Color:


  • Bust Size:

    38 D


  • Catering To:

    Men, Women, and Couples

  • Smoker:


  • Hourly Rate:

    200 - 250 USD

Online Profiles



Added on May 21, 2017

I booked with Beth after finding her ad on T.E.R. Her verification process was simple and she was very professional during the booking process. I thought she might be a little cold with the way she refused to discuss anything specific over the phone, but all my fears were laid to rest when we finally met. Beth showed up on time to my hotel room dressed in a black sexy leather dress and thigh high nylons (a persoal favorite of mine). She was friendly and sweet and made me feel at ease from start to finish. After taking care of the donation, she began by placing a towel on the bed and directed me to have a seat. She began by performing one of the BEST BBBJ'S I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. She took her time licking my balls and shaft before she swallowed my cock whole! Her skills were obvious as she allowed her tongue to move around my cock while she sucked it. After only a minute or so I blew my load in her awaiting mouth. Se wiped me off and instructed me to roll over to begin the massage. I was amazed at how quickly she found the knots in my shoulders and lower back and began to work the muscles loose. She used warm stones to help relax the tightness I had and I was truly amazed at how great the heat made my body feel. I was so relaxed I started to doze off when all of a sudden I felt her lips on my back. She continued to massage my body with her hands but eventually I felt her mouth kissing all over my back. She kissed my earlobes, the back of my neck slowly continuing down to my ass where her tongue began to lick my ass hole. I began to grow hard again and within a few moments was rock hard again. She asked me to roll over as she joined me on the bed. She quickly slipped a condom on my cock, then slid on top of me having me enter her hot kitty deep. As she began to slowly fuck me, I cpuld see her skills were as great as she claimed. We fucked slowly at first and I could tell she was getting more excited as her pussy got wet. She asked if I would fuck her from behind and I was thrilled to oblige! She got on all fours and had me slide my cock into her. As she began to Orgasm I tried to hold off cumming myself, but her pussy began to cum and I exploded a second time. She cleaned me up again and excused herself to the restroom to clean up. We chatted for a few more minutes and then we said our goodbyes. Beth is a sweet woman who obviously loves her job. Her skills are as wonderful if not better than described on her website. She is honest and doesn't try to get something for nothing. I will be sure to see her again the next time Im in Vegas. Well worth EVERY PENNY!

Added on December 5, 2016

I have visited Beth Rose twice. She is everything she promises. I am a night owl, so I requested a late incall appointment for her advertised Kissing Massage. I got to her location a few minutes early, but she was already waiting just outside her door for me to arrive. I took care of the donation immediately. Then I was directed to "get comfortable." I undressed, and she had me lie face-up on a towel on her bed. I was hard and ready, and she wasted no time. Beth Rose is very skilled and the Happy Beginning was just as she promised. BBBJ & CIM. I can't say if she swallowed or not. I was a little distracted by my own ecstasy. I like to think she did, but without my glasses, I'm blind. Then came the massage. This was the only place where her website's description was inaccurate. She was in a new location and did not yet have her massage table set up. The massage was done on the bed. But I'm only quibbling. She had a gentle, friendly touch and the hot stones were a new and welcome delight. I was so relaxed, I was fighting sleep. But then came the kisses. And with the kisses came goosebumps. Light dots of moisture on my neck and back and butt. It was stimulating and erotic and intimate. I loved it. She asked me if I was ready. Of course I was. She knows exactly how to make a man ready. So she had me flip over and I got a wonderful repeat of her oral skills. I cannot heap enough praise on her talented lips and tongue. I had worried that I would be unable to rise to a second occasion. I had worried that I might not be able to climax a second time. But I was with Beth Rose. She proved my worries unfounded. I should admit, for honesty's sake, that on my second visit, I became oversensitive to stimulation and was unable to withstand any touches and licks. She offered to wait or to refund some of my donation, but I declined. It was my deficiency, not any lack on her part. I have to say one more thing. Beth Rose is a very nice person. She is friendly, sweet, and open. Although we didn't get into deep philosophical discussions, she seemed very intelligent, which somehow always makes me feel more comfortable. Beth Rose is a treasure.

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