How to spot the Agencies vs. Independent Providers on BP

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Agency vs. Independent Providers
Who should you choose?

If you have been on Back Page here in Las Vegas, you will notice all the ads that seem to flood the adult entertainment section out here. Ads are placed every minute and most of these ads are for girls that work for agencies out here. While some guys think going through an agency is safer because they assume the agency is legitimate, the fact is going through an agency is the most sure fire way to get ripped off here in Sin City. The ads posted are usually comprised of photos of girls that look too good to be true. The fees charged by the agency is just the beginning of what you'll pay and nine times out of 10, the girl in the photo is not the girl that shows up at your door. So, I decided to give you a run down of what can be expected when you call one of the ads placed by an agency. After you read the truth about what will happen, you can decide if its really what you are looking for when you want to have some extra curricular fun out here.

 You see an ad on BP of a girl that gets you hard just looking at her, so you call the number on the ad. These calls are sent to an agency who has a female answering the calls. You tell the voice on the other end you want to book an hour with the girl of your dreams. When you ask the price, you are told something in the range of $250-$300. Great! You book the time to see her and anticipate her arrival.
 At the agreed on time you get a knock on your hotel room door. But much to your disappointment, the girl waiting to come in is NOT the girl in the photo. Disappointed, but still horney, you agree to let her come in. You have the donation ready for her and as you go to hand it to her, you are told the donation you paid is the agency fee. She might be willing to give you a 10 min lap dance, but if you want anything else, a bbbj, full service or even a quick hand job, you are told that is going to cost more! Depending on what you want, the provider will charge an additional $200-$3000 more! If you don't have the cash, too bad. The agency fee is non-refundable and you are out all that money for nothing.
  If you do have the disposable income to pay the provider the additional cash for a service, you'll be wasting that money too. The provider will more than likely do whatever she can to get you to pop and get out and on to the next guy. You have just paid close to $500 for a quick bbbj by a provider who was doing her best to rush you.
  For those that think using an agency over an independent provider is safer, its not. The agencies has only one concern. To get as much of your money as they can. They don't check their girls to make sure they are not with law enforcement. They don't require their girls to undergo STD testing or drug testing. They are not even checking clients to find out if they are involved with Law Enforcement before sending a girl to the room. All in all Agencies are just another word for pimp! They take money for doing nothing leaving the girl to beg you for more money for any type of service!


1) Agencies have seemingly unlimited funds to post ads on BP. If you see the same ad posted more than once on any page, look at the time stamps as to when they were posted. If they are posted more than once an hour, it is most likely posted by an agency. Independent providers, such as myself, will post once or twice an hour. This is due to the $5.00 it costs to place an ad or repost an ad. I have tried to keep up with the agencies by trying to keep my ad on the first page. The one time I did, I spent over $135 in a three hour period! If the provider is truly independent, she will post hourly or every few hours, not every five minutes.
2) If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Ads showing two college age girls ready go party with you are 99% of the time placed by an agency. And remeber, the girls in the photo are not going to be the girls that show up at your door.
3) The same number shows up for different ads. This is a sure way to know if you are calling an agency or the girl you see in the photo. Although many agencies have begun to assign specific numbers to specific ads, if you call two different girls and the voice on the other end sounds familiar, its an agency call center answering each line for each ad.
4) If the provider is with an agency, she will only offer Outcalls. The agencies do not place ads that include incall availability. Most independent providers will offer some type of incall availability based on her preference and incall location. If you are unsure if she is independent, ask if she provides incalls at any time. If she doesn't have any incall availabilty, even if you want an outcall, move on.

When you call to book with an independent provider, and its actually the woman in the photo, the provider you are calling should be able to tell you her availability, let you know what info she needs to verify you are not with law enforcement, then tell you how long it will take to verify you. Once she has checked you out, she should contact you and let you know when she can meet you.
If she is independent, she should have a website where you can look up her services and donations. She should also have reviews somewhere like T.E.R. or USASEXGUIDE or any of the multiple review sites on the web. If your provider is truly independent, you will find spending your time and money will go a lot farther than it ever could when you are paying an agency fee in addition to the fee the provider is charging.


One more thing you need to be aware of is Trick Rolling. This is the lowest type of provider you will meet. This is the provider who picks you up in the bar and gets you to agree to pay her for her time. Next thing you know, you wake up in your room and everything is gone! Your phone, your wallet, computer and anything else of value has been stolen. The reason this is such a huge problem in Vegas is because most of it goes unreported. The person who was drugged and most likely married is reluctant to involve the cops because they are afraid of the legal ramifications. Most of these crimes go unreported because the client is married and is worried his wife will find out. Although legitimate concerns, it is SO IMPORTANT to report this happening to you. Las Vegas has assigned a special section in Vice for this problem. Don't be afraid to let hotel security as well as Law Enforcement know if you have been a victim of Trick Rolling. The odds of you recovering the stolen goods is little, but if your report can lead to the arrest of the person that did this to you, you can help prevent someone else have the same thing happen to them.

Remeber, Independent Providers are your safest and best bet for a safe and fun time. I hope this gives you a better understanding of how to be safe when looking to take care of your needs while you are in Vegas. God Bless!