Men needed to video their sessions with me!

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Do you think your cock would look good in a video? Have you always wanted to record your dick with a wet set of lips sucking your entire shaft? Or have you imagined your rock hard rod being recorded as you slip into a hot wet pussy? If any of these ideas gets you hard thinking about it, then book an hour companionship date with me and let me know you want to record our session when you schedule your time. I need new videos to add to the members only area. In addition to the above listed scenarios, I want to include videos of the following:

  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Bathtub sex ( yes it can be done!)
  • Guys between 21-25
  • Couples session
  • Threesum  (me with two guys!)
  • Cum shots

Have some ideas? Just tell me what you want to record...Some roll play? The great thing is you can either record from my phone, I can put a camera on my tri-pod and record that way or do a mix of both. No matter how the time is documented, rest assured your identity is always protected 100%! I am efficient with editing programs and can very easily blur out anything that is distinguishing in the video. I also have you look over the video and approve it before I upload it to the members only area if my site. 

Please keep in mind that this will not be a discounted service! The donation for my time remains the same, so please don't contact me unless you intend in donating at least $200. I will however send you a copy of the unedited as well as the edited copy of our video BEFORE I post it on the site. Book your hour service with me and don't forget to mention you wish to record our time. Thanks for the help guys! See you soon!