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Beth Rose is now Female Condom Friendly

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Want to know what a female condom is and why they are so much better than regular male condoms? Then check out any of the videos on youtube. Just type in the search bar "How to use a female condom" and you'll be directed to several. Also, if you are a member of my website, there is a great demo video of how to insert one into me! Female condoms still protect against STD's and pregnancy, but without the man feeling like he's wearing a raincoat. The FC2 female condom feels smooth and natural and it even conforms to the heat of my body, for an even more bare feeling. So book a Full Service Companionship Hour and come see how great a FEMALE CONDOM feels without the desensitization of your manhood, but with all the protection!

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Discounts and Special always offeredd

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Early Bird Special (Online Only Offer)

Book your time in ADVANCE (at least the night before) for any time between 8:00a.m-12:00p.m. and take $20 off any hour service and $15 off any half hour service. NO EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS ARE GIVEN IF YOU BOOK THE SAME DAY. THIS IS AN ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY OFFER and YOU MUST BOOK ONLINE to receive this offer.

Birthday Boy Discount

Is it your birthday? Do you want to do something to treat yourself? Now I obviously understand if you can't make it over to see me, so the WEEK of your birthday, show me proof your birthday has occurred in the past 7 days and you will get my EXCLUSIVE KISSING MASSAGE for the full hour for the donation of a half hour kissing massage! Happy Birthday!

Return Client Appreciation

When you come to see me four times, On your fifth visit You can save UP TO $100. Here's how it works:

1.        See me for four separate appointments (Lets say you come by for three 1/2 hr. massages and fourth is for the hour massage), I will discount your fifth service by 1/2 of the AVERAGE DONATION you usually pay. So, on the fifth visit, the person that paid for three half hour massages and one full hour massage, would receive a discount of $60 off any half hour or hour for his fifth visit.

2.       This discount is only good on half hour and hour services. The QUICKIE BBBJ is NOT INCLUDED in this discount! The amount taken off on fifth visit will be 1/2 of your average donation. New clients are always welcome to try and see me for either one

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12 days of BBBJ's in the MEMBERS ONLY Videos...Sign up to see!

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As you may or may not know, it has been said that I provide some of the BEST ORAL in the IE. Now I don't have a cock so please be aware I don't make this claim myself. I mean how could I possibly know how great my mouth feels except to go by your reaction and what you tell me.

Well, I am really trying to push the PAID MEMBERSHIP with you guys so I decided to do a set of Videos and I need you guys to HELP!  I'm doing 12 days of BBBJ's! 12 videos in 12 days of my great and amazing oral service and you get to view them as a paid member AND STAR IN THEM if you want.

Remember, I don't offer quickie services during the summer months. This is because I don't want too much "Fast Foot Traffic" coming in and out when all the kids in the neighborhood are home and playing outside. However, my half hour kissing massage is always followed by my amazing oral! And the hour starts and finishes you off with that great service.

Now I know many don't want to PAY to just view my videos but when you join you get access to ALL the PROVIDERS in the PURE VIP Network. OVER 20,000 providers are a part of Escort design and the providers that are a part of PURE VIP have PRIVATE PHOTOS and VIDEOS that you will now be granted access to. The other great thing is I get 94% of the REVENUE from your membership!!! So now you can help give me a donation to my surgery just by being a paid member! Come on GUYS! Let's get those PAID MEMBERSHIPS UP AND GOING!

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