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The restaurant date

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The gentleman was already at the restaurant when I arrived for dinner. I made sure to wear something that allowed for "easy access" in case he wanted to feel how wet I already was before our meal had finished. The white sundress I had on was perfect for a summer evening. I had been exchanging emails with him for the past month, so I knew who he was right away by the navy blue shirt he was wearing. I could see he was pleased with the dress and we went inside for dinner. 

Within a few moments we were seated and began with a light conversation. The foreign accent only made him more attractive in my eyes. As we looked over our menu, discussing what we would order, I allowed my hand to lightly rub his thigh. A smile formed at the corners of his mouth and his hand did the same, causing warm goose bumps to break out over the back of my legs. We ordered our dinner, and once the waitress had walked away, I let his hand to caress my inner thigh and higher...

By the time our appetizer had arrived, he was rock hard and having a difficult time sitting there in the booth being inconspicuous. He placed his napkin on his lap trying to cover his excitement as I adjusted my dress. As I tried to focus on our meal, I found myself thinking of how quickly he was able to arouse me. How his fingers expertly found my wetness and plunged right in. It was easy enough to see neither of us would make it through dinner without wanting to tear one another's clothes off right there.  

I told him to follow her lead and

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For those who are dense and HAVE TO BE TOLD, NEW PHOTOS ARE EDITED!

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Alright,  before some  Jack ass sees how GREAT these new photos are then decides to short me or leave me a bad review saying that's not me in the photos,  please allow me to CLARIFY: THE NEW PHOTOS POSTED ON THE BIG REVEAL ALBUM HAVE BEEN DIGITALLY EDITED WITH PHOTOSHOP! I had the scars removed, the sharpness toned down, the color enhanced and basically enhanced the photo. I in no way what so ever changed my size or any of my features. My make up and my hair was done by me and the blue dress is one of my favorite items of clothing I own right now. I DID NOT CHANGE THE SIZE OF MY BREASTS DIGITALLY. The only thing I did with the photos of my breasts was remove the scars.

The reason I am telling you this is because I just know there will be one or two dumb asses out there that will be too dense to know a surgery that was performed just four days prior to the photo that was taken will have obvious surgical swelling and redness and yes, even scaring for at least a few weeks. So although I question how someone could ever be so clueless, I'm just going to put it out there. Now if you still try to complain you didn't know or you leave a bad review about how I wasn't the person in the photo, I can at least say it was your own stupidity rather than my being dishonest, which I am Not!

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Beth Rose is now Female Condom Friendly

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Want to know what a female condom is and why they are so much better than regular male condoms? Then check out any of the videos on youtube. Just type in the search bar "How to use a female condom" and you'll be directed to several. Also, if you are a member of my website, there is a great demo video of how to insert one into me! Female condoms still protect against STD's and pregnancy, but without the man feeling like he's wearing a raincoat. The FC2 female condom feels smooth and natural and it even conforms to the heat of my body, for an even more bare feeling. So book a Full Service Companionship Hour and come see how great a FEMALE CONDOM feels without the desensitization of your manhood, but with all the protection!

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