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When you can't get through to me, Call Kat Lillie!

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Meet Kat Lillie

Below are a few of the women I know who offer companionship services. They each provide their own style of service and have their own donations, so if you want more info, please contact them  individually for their info. They are just women that I know who are independent providers I trust and know personally.

Kinky Kat Lillie

Kinky Kat Lillie

Age: 42



Phone Number: 951-221-3500

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Paying for membership...What you get when you do!

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I know a lot of guys are disappointed they now have to pay to view the members only videos. So, I thought I would take a minute to explain what all you get when you pay the $24.95 month membership fee.

Not only do you get access to all the videos I have (Believe me, this is some of my best work!), but you'll also get access to all the providers in the Pure V.I.P.. network and their PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT too! That's an AMAZING DEAL guys! Especially because there are over 20,000 providers who use Pure VIP for their members only content as well!

In addition to having access to all those PRIVATE videos, you will have the peace of mind knowing over 94% of your membership revenue is paid DIRECTLY to me. So, when you pay for your Pure VIP membership via my website, I am the one that gets the "lioness" share of it. I know a lot of guys would rather give me their donation than pay it out to a website that only gives me 40% of the revenue. With Pure VIP and CCBill, I do get the money. Plus, you also have the peace of mind that your payment is processed through CCBill! They are the number one payment processor for ADULT SERVICES! You will see them when you pay for such trusted sites as T.E.R. and ECCIE and now when you purchase your membership for the Pure VIP network.

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For the first time visitor

There are certain things you should remember before you call me for a date. Because I get a lot of first timers, this is also a good place to look over some of the basic things you should do when you call and come see me. Whether this is your first time calling an escort or you are a hobbyist, if you follow these basic guidelines, we can both have a safe, Discreet & fun date.

  • When contacting me for the first time, you should tell me your name and where you saw my ad. IF YOU ARE CALLING FOR A MASSAGE, PLEASE INFORM ME OF THAT BEFORE WE CONTINUE OUR CONVERSATION.


  • I do not discuss PRICES over the phone. I do however have all my DONATIONS & SPECIALS listed here on the web. In fact, from now until December there will be a special discount for you when you donate a portion of your roses to my papal account for my breast reconstruction. All info is posted here on my site, so if you have questions, look around...You'll find your answer.


  • When you call to set up your appointment, and I give you a time, PLEASE be courteous enough to cancel if you can't make it. I would rather have you call and reschedule so that I can use that time to see another client than to not show up at all. I understand things happen. Your girl/wife calls and tells you to come home, your boss calls and tells you to come back to work, or you simply had second thoughts about coming to see me. What ever the reason may be, if you schedule a time and have to cancel, PLEASE CALL BACK.

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I had a dream about him...

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