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Regarding photos

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(Originally Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013 6:48 PM)

Regarding Photos

I have read a few comments and heard men say that my pictures are outdated or not me. I am sorry these men feel this way. I have always striven to be honest and forthcoming about myself. I have never tried to hide the truth about myself and find it disheartening when I am told my photos are out dated or not really me. They are. However, the professional photos that I recently had taken ARE GLAMOR SHOTS! I had a professional make-up artist and hair stylist prior to the photo shoot and yes these photos have been SLIGHTLY EDITED. That does not mean they are not recent or photos of me. It just means I had a professional photo shoot done to make me look as good as possible. If you feel this is misleading, then I suggest you look at my other photos as well as my you tube videos. These are all done by me and within the last 6 months.

To those who still think it's deceptive, think about this: When going to a professional for portraits, you don't go in your tank top and flip flops. You take extra care in your appearance to have the best photograph possible. When was the last time you saw a profile photo of a C.E.O. in company brochure wearing a t-shirt and two days growth on his face? Professional photos are just that...PROFESSIONAL! Snapshots (which I have several of on my site) are pretty much what you should look for if you want a normal photograph of the person and  what they will most likely look like when meeting in person. Just something to keep in mind.

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Why I wear my bra durring our date (but only until the fall 2014)

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I have always been very open and honest about my breast issue because I know some men are VERY ATTRACTED to large breasts. On August 16th, 2011, I underwent a double bi-lateral mastectomy for preventative reasons. The doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Savalia of Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Center, performed the reconstructive part of the mastectomy. Within two weeks of the mastectomy, I was back in the OR because my body was not healing correctly. Dr. Savalia continued to treat me ineffectively for several months, refusing to do anything but "wait and see" while the tissue continued to digress. By the time I was finally able to get in to see a different plastic surgeon, the tissue on my left side had deteriorated so much I had a 4cm hole in my chest that had to be packed with gauze for six weeks. 

Upon meeting with the new plastic surgeon at Loma Linda Medical Center in November of 2011, I knew I was at the right place. Not only did I get in with the chief of plastic surgery, but I for the first time since that August, I knew I would have my breast tissue again one day. We began physical therapy, removed the expander that had started to show signs of deterioration, and they even managed to save the nipple on the right.

Everything was right on track with the healing and scheduling the reconstruction when Feb. 2012 I found out I would no longer be covered by my health insurance. I also lost my substantial income with my medical coverage and was unable to continue with my care.

It was when I lost my income that I made the decision to become a provider until I could get approved for disability. I didn't think I would…

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Welcome to My Blog

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Hello and welcome to the new home of Beth Rose

For the past two years, I have had a few websites going. The first one published, was run through a very public web host, VistaPrint, which limited the content I published, so I ended up with a second website, to inform you of my escort services. I continued to use VistaPrint for my body rubs because it was so mobile friendly, but I continued to struggle to find an Escort Site that my clients could view from their mobile devices. Well, after a lot of research and time, I finally found a site where I could combine all the things you have come to enjoy from both sites all into one. Over the next few months I will be transferring all the great info from both sites to here.

So, take a look around. Be sure to check back regularly as I will be adding to it all the time.
Want to know my tour dates? Check out my blogs pages around the first week of the month to see what city's I will be visiting that month.

Please also look over my surgery schedule this summer as I have begun the process of my breast reconstruction. I will have limited availability while I am healing between procedures, but I will let you know through my blogs when I will be available throughout the whole process. (For more info on WHY I am having breast reconstruction, please look at my blog post "Why I wear my bra on our date")

Enjoy the new site, www.discreteloverbeth., then contact me for an appointment.

Beth Rose

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