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Hello and welcome to the new home of Beth Rose

For the past two years, I have had a few websites going. The first one published, was run through a very public web host, VistaPrint, which limited the content I published, so I ended up with a second website, to inform you of my escort services. I continued to use VistaPrint for my body rubs because it was so mobile friendly, but I continued to struggle to find an Escort Site that my clients could view from their mobile devices. Well, after a lot of research and time, I finally found a site where I could combine all the things you have come to enjoy from both sites all into one. Over the next few months I will be transferring all the great info from both sites to here.

So, take a look around. Be sure to check back regularly as I will be adding to it all the time.
Want to know my tour dates? Check out my blogs pages around the first week of the month to see what city's I will be visiting that month.

Please also look over my surgery schedule this summer as I have begun the process of my breast reconstruction. I will have limited availability while I am healing between procedures, but I will let you know through my blogs when I will be available throughout the whole process. (For more info on WHY I am having breast reconstruction, please look at my blog post "Why I wear my bra on our date")

Enjoy the new site, www.discreteloverbeth., then contact me for an appointment.

Beth Rose

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