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Meet your provider, Beth Rose

I am a Real Woman

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Beth Rose and I am a mature woman in my early 40's. A former nursing student, I have always had a caregiver’s heart. I grew up in sunny southern CA with my mom and sister. I am a FORMER tribal member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians in North San Diego County. In February 2012 I suffered a significant financial loss when my heritage was stripped from me and over 160 other members of the tribe. With no other source of income, I began providing companionship and Body Rubs to support myself in March 2012 and I have been doing it ever since. I have enjoyed providing a safe and friendly atmosphere whenever I am meeting a client.

I am 5ft. 4in tall and I have dark blond hair and AMAZING BLUE EYES you can lose yourself in. I weigh about 180lbs, so yes, I am a bigger woman. I am very friendly and I love to learn about my client’s desires and wants. Providing the BEST SERVICE with a warm and inviting smile every time we meet is what I strive to provide! 

                                                                        I am Mature

Although I started much later than most when it comes to offering sensual adult services, I believe my age and the knowledge I have acquired over the years has given me an advantage over younger, less experienced providers. I believe in honesty and being open about who I am and what I am all about. I appreciate my clients and believe in providing you with the best service I can with a friendly attitude and a safe, comfortable environment. Because I put my clients needs and desires first, you will be hard pressed to find another provider who offers service, satisfaction and safety like I do. I would love the chance to show you how great my skills are. I mean, with 25 plus years of sexual experiences to draw on, I am sure I could show you a thing or two some younger women in this industry lack the knowledge or ability.

I am a survivor

In 2011 I lost my younger sister to breast cancer. With the loss of her and my mother before her 23 years earlier, I made the choice to undergo a double mastectomy to prevent the same thing from happening to me. I had several issues after the initial surgery and I was still healing, unable to proceed with the reconstruction when my medical coverage was taken along with my tribal income.

In 2014 I began the needed steps to reconstruct my breasts. In November 2014 I underwent eight hours of surgery for a tummy tuck and breast reconstruction. The healing took a lot longer than anticipated and in June 2015, I finally had implants placed. The left side has completely healed with no adverse problems. The right side however has had issues keeping the implant. I have had three implants on the right that have not stayed in. I will be trying one more time to have an implant placed on the right hand side. If it doesn't take this time, I am done trying to have a perfect set. I am OK with the scars and imperfections my body has. I know they don't define the type of provider I am or even how great my mouth skills are. I have never tried to hide my scars or the fact that I have them. If this is something that will turn you off, then I understand.

One Last Thing...  

I don't expect to be the right person for every one out there. I try hard to be up front and honest about myself and hope I portray an accurate idea of who I am and what I look like through my photos and videos. However, if you book an appointment for the first time and come over and decide I'm not what you were expecting, please be honest with me, give me a small donation for my time and politely say good bye. I would rather you go find someone else to see if I turn you off that much, than continue with a service you will obviously not enjoy. Remember, this surgery, has left me with scaring on my chest and tummy. I am planning on having some covering with tattoos on my chest and a ring of pink ribbons along the belly scar someday, but until then, why not try to overlook the scars and see the woman behind them.


I am currently residing in Killeen, TX and have been offering incalls at the local hotels until I move into my house on Nov. 5th. I will be taking a few days to get unpacked and set up, but will resume incalls around November 12th. Outcalls to the Austin, Waco and Killeen areas and all towns in between are offered anytime after 630p.m. Monday-Friday. I usually need at least 4 hours advance notice to come to you, but booking in advance is the only way I can come to see you. Outcall to Austin and Waco must be for the hour service. No Half hour requests will be honored UNLESS I am already in the area seeing another client.